The Life And Biography Of Michelle Yeoh


Michelle Yeoh, a famous Hong Kong based dancer and Malaysian actress was born to a traditional Chinese family. Born on 6th August, 1962 in Ipoh, Malaysia, this legendary actress was named as Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng.  Her father Yeoh Kian Teik is a well-known lawyer and politician while her mother is Janet Yeoh.

Early Life:

At a young age of four, Michelle was fascinated towards ballet dancing.  When she was 15, she moved to England along with her parents. She got her major degree in ballet, from Royal Academy of Dance, London. Unfortunately, a severe spinal prevented her from pursuing her career in ballet dancing so she turned her attention towards martial arts, choreography and stunts. Later, she received her B.A. degree in Creative Arts and a minor certificate in Drama.

Later Achievements:

At a delicate age of 21, Michelle Yeoh was selected as the “Miss Malaysia Beauty Pageant” in 1983.  She was the Malaysian representative at Miss World Pageant that was organized in 1983, London. As an actress, her superb skills of performing stunts for action movies brought her recognition in early 1900s. She is popular for her incredible role in the famous James  Bond sequel “Tomorrow Never Dies” that was released in 1997. She was honored with the “Best Actress” nomination for BAFTA, for her award winning films “Crouching Tiger” and “Hidden Dragon”. In 2008, she was given the title of “The best action movie actress”.

Film Career:

Michelle Yeoh started her acting career as a television commercial model with Jackie Chan. She was known for her brilliant performance in the movies “Yes Madam” (1985), “The Heroic Trio” (1993), “Tai Chi Master”, “Wing Chun” (1994), “Memoirs of a Geisha” (2005), “Sunshine” (2007), “The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor” (2008), “Reign of Assassins”, “The Lady”, “The Karate Kid” and the “Kung Fu Panda sequel” (2010-2011). The most amazing part is that this adventurous lady has never had any professional martial arts training. She counts on her own abilities, her superb dancing skills and the directions of her instructors for performing her fighting and stunt scenes.

Formal Titles:

On 19th April 2001, Michelle Yeoh was awarded the formal title of “Darjah Datuk Paduka Mahkota Perak” abbreviated as DPMP by honorable Sultan Azlan Shah who was the Sultan of Perak. This title was granted in her home state, on account of the immense popularity she conferred to her state.

On 25th November 2002, this lady was honored with the title “The Outstanding Young Persons of the World”. It was given by Junior Chamber International (JCI), seeing her cultural achievements.

On 23rd April 2007, Jacques Chirac, the president of France, presented her with the official title of “Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur”. This trophy was officially presented to her on 3rd October 2007, in a home ceremony organized in Kuala Lumpur.

Overall, apart from being a fantastic actress, a ballet dancer, a professional choreographer and a stunt heroine, Michelle Yeoh is a wonderful human being. She is known for her social contributions in the international HIV Aids program. The world shall always cherish her abilities!


Social Contributions That Make Michelle Yeoh A Wonderful Human


Michelle Yeoh


Apart from being a talented film actress, a superb action heroine, a magnificent choreographer and an equally beautiful ballet dancer, Michelle Yeoh is also known for her humane qualities. This Malaysian beauty is much admired for her great contributions towards Asian as well as international NGOs and charities. Yeoh also severs as the brand ambassador for amfAR.

Michelle Yeoh is a lively, confident and optimistic lady who believes in inspiring and invigorating the people around her. She is popular for embracing new revolutionary ideas.

According the TREAT Asia Report, Michelle Yeoh was involved in fighting against HIV AIDS, with the famous program AIDA Concern Hong Kong. As said by her, she has met with several HIV infected women who for fighting for their existence. Their struggle and consistency convinced her to join this noble campaign. In the beginning, she was condemned for speaking on bold topics related to unsafe sex however fear and defeat never crossed her mind. She was able to take a strong stand against AIDS.

As a human, Yeoh is really disappointed with the present state of world. She believes that we all are living in an imperfect world that is plagues with hatred, discrimination and injustice. She is of this idea that people are growing self-centered and selfish day by day.  Yeoh strongly feels that she will be able to change this point of view someday. Her most amazing talents include the ability of seeking different solutions to social issues, to adopt creative ideas for betterment and to venture towards progress of humanity.

As a member of the Active Conservation Awareness Program or ACAP, Michelle Yeoh has been working for the benefits of conserving the wildlife products. She has been active in this field since 1996.  She has effectively addressed the demands for illegal forest goods. She works along with her other film industry companions to fight for poor wildlife species. She promotes this message in school, colleges and local communities. One day, she’ll be known for making a complete new generation of conservationists.

In addition to this, Yeoh has also worked for the Wildaid Program where, she is known for protecting the endangered floral and fauna species. Each year, she donates a handsome sum for this charity.

In 2007, Michelle Yeoh was appointed as the ambassador for an African “Make Roads Safe” campaign. Based on the survey reports of 2007, approximately 14,000 people lose their lives on the roads of South Africa, due to road accidents. Yeoh has met with the families of the local road crash victims. She has been a hopeful silver lining in their dark lives. Moreover, she has addressed this issue publicly before the politicians as well.

Michelle Yeoh has worked in a documentary that reveals the true status of the accident victims.  In association with the children and families of Broadlands Park, she has encouraged several road shows based on road safety. This world will always remember her for the noble deeds and compassionate words of motivation she has showered upon people!


Michelle Yeoh – General Characteristics From Astrological Point Of View

Born on 6th August 1962, at Ipoh in Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh is known for her humane qualities and acting skills. She is born under the sign of Leo- The Lion that symbolizes immense energy, leadership qualities and grandeur.

Her astrological charts suggest a strong combination of Saturn and Jupiter that makes her a happy-go-lucky and an easy going person. Though she tends to take things lightly at times, she is also known to be a fighter who can endlessly struggle for several hours. Rf test socket Sometimes, she can be short-tempered, hashed tongue and arrogant if she’s irritated beyond the limits. The presence of Mercury in the Scorpio sign suggests that Yeoh is a passionate lover but she’ll suffer from endless heartbreaks that will leave her cold and hateful towards love relationship.

Michelle Yeoh is self-criticizer. She criticizes herself for her negative deeds and tries to improve upon them. Hard circumstances and her failed relationships have made her demanding by nature. Yeoh is an introvert person who believes in working all alone. She is practical by nature and believes in expressing herself in limited words. She’s soft and tries to avoid quarrels. She stands for the oppressed and needy. She is sacrificing by nature and tends to be sensitive and generous towards others.

Yeoh has deep concern for human emotions. She doesn’t like to hurt people. She has always been very helping and compassionate towards her loved ones but no one has ever reciprocated the same feelings towards her. This has made her tensed and depressed at several occasions. However, despite of all this struggle and hard work, she will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, each time. Michelle is ambitious and curious. She is rarely satisfied with the events going on around her. Her results are always delayed by hazards however this tends to encourage her for performing in a better manner.

Overall, her health would be average.  Though, she won’t be suffering from much physical injuries but, the rate of mental traumas would be high. If she is not conscious about her health, she’ll be at a risk of developing mental diseases in due course of time.

She is a struggler and a believer of spiritual ideas and aspirations. She may practice self-denial and asceticism for developing holy qualities in her.  She will be involved in in-depth study of world religions, philosophy and spiritualism. At times, she may lose heart but she would never quit from this path.

Constant betrayal has made her negative towards love and friendship. Michelle Yeoh tends to avoid social interaction, marriage and love relationships as much as possible. Since she finds it difficult to express herself, she believes that no one is there to listen to her.  She has developed a strong sense of personal inadequacy. Therefore, she is a solitary fighter. Despite of all these ups and downs, Yeoh will appear as a victorious fighter. Fame and fortune shall kiss her feet and she’ll show this world that she is the best!

Michelle Yeoh is an inspiration personality for the youth of present generation.

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